Cimarron Software was started as a database product development company in 1984. We have specialized as full time ACIUS 4th Dimension partner/developers ever since installing what was probably the very first full scale commercial 4D database in mid-town NYC, during the first month of 4D's initial release in June of 1987. Accounts range from small firms computerizing for the first time to very large companies adding specialized departmental databases to existing legacy systems.

Cimarron Software has several vertical market shrink-wrap products in the marketplace as well as many high-end custom database installations. We concentrate on product development with "design and sales partners" who sell, install, and support products into vertical markets they are experts in. We continue to maintain, support, and develop the product as our sales partners pinpoint new needs and opportunities. If you have an idea you think will sell but need a technology partner to bring it to market for you, please give us a call!

Cimarron Software multi-user products are fully relational client/server databases built to run on both Mac and Windows. Most standalone runtime single user products are available on both platforms and can be expanded to become multi-user client/server products quickly and easily. We were pioneers in bringing database projects to the web. Many of our client/server LAN projects run simultaneously with a WEB interface for external clients and/or users.

Founder and president, Steve Simpson holds a master's degree from Wake Forest University and taught 4th Dimension Database design and implementation at Columbia University to Corporate MIS professionals. The main company office is located in Tampa, FL.